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Grenada, MS 

July 14 Draft

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July 14, 2005 Plan (Adopted by City Council July, 2005)


  • Adopted Plan Summary Population Statistics )Adobe format

  • Adopted Plan Summary Population Statistics  (Excel format

  • Adopted Plan Map  (fast view with browser)

  • Adopted Plan Map  (high detail Adobe format)

  • Adopted Plan -- Ward by Ward  Maps  (high detail Adobe format)

  • Adopted Plan Map  (zoom and pan on a Google Map)

    Interactive "Zoomable/Clickable" Thematic Map 

    To maximize the viewable area, toggle off the history folder.  Map links can be e-mailed or bookmarked for future reference. Use the arrow buttons on your browser to compare previously viewed maps. Click the HELP icon for additional assistance.

       Adopted Plan 7/14/05   Zoom in again for street detail

    Maps 1 (Default Map) -- Adopted July 14  plan

    This is a census-block level display of the draft plan.

    You can query the map for block-level and other levels of 2000 census demographics by clicking on the INFO too and then click on the map.  The data for the block clicked will appear in a pop-up window. Or click on  the ZOOM TO tool and then click on the map. Population data for the block selected will appear in a table below the map

    Click on the FIND button to search for an address

    Maps 2 thru 17 -- Block-Group Socio-Economic Detail Maps

    In addition to the default voter voting plan map, the interactive map application includes maps showing neighborhood-level detail on the following:

    -- Median Household Income (1999)
    -- Population Below Poverty
    -- Population Under 18 Below Poverty
    -- Female Householder (single-parent) with own children
    -- Percent Black (single-race, all ages)
    -- Percent Latino (any race, all ages)
    -- Percent Native American (single- race, all ages)
    -- Percent Asian (single-race, all ages)
    -- Housing Tenure (renters and homeowners)
    -- Median Home Value (by census tract)
    -- 18-64 Limited English-Speaking Ability (Spanish speakers only)
    -- Percent Undercount
    -- Households without a vehicle
    -- Population 25 and over without a high school degree
    -- Foreign Born Non-citizen Population (any race or ethnicity, all ages)
    -- Population Ages 15 to 24

    See SocioEcon mapper for map details.

    Sources: Census 2000 Summary File 1 (SF 1) 100-Percent Data and SF 3 Sample Data

    Note:  Ward boundaries cannot be displayed in Maps 2 thru 17.