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Population Summary Report
7/12/2001 Draft Plan --Lee County
District Population Black % Black Deviation % Deviation 18+_Pop NH18+__DOJ_Blk % NH18+__DOJ_Blk
1 4756 2492 52.40% -195 -3.94% 3438 1806 52.53%
Note: the term "NH_DOJ" refers to the Non-Hispanic Department of Justice racial classification. The Department of Justice allocates any multiple-race census response that included white and one of the five other race categories  to the minority race listed in the  response. The DOJ minority population figures include persons who identified themselves  as  (1) a single-race minority, (2) white plus one other race, (3) multiple-race (where more than one  minority race is listed), or (4) Hispanic.This definition is in accordance with Department of Justice policy pursuant to Part II of OMB Bulletin 00-02. (Source:  [Federal Register: January 18, 2001 (Volume 66, Number 12)] [Notices] [Page 5411-5414]  From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:fr18ja01-171]