Charleston, WV

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Oct. 17 Draft
Feb. 4 Draft
Feb. 7 Draft

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This section briefly describes the types of files that may be associated with each plan:

The Excel/html files show summary population data.

The *.png files are static displays. They are small in size and can be viewed relatively quickly with a browser, but have no zoom-in features. These lower resolution *.png files are designed for printing on 11" by 17" landscape.

Upon request, high resolution map files will be posted in Adobe and ArcView shapefile format.

The Adobe *.pdf files are "virtual' wall maps. Download time for these files can be several minutes due to their large size -- 500k to 3 megabytes generally. For faster access, right-click and save the file to disk to permanently store the file on your computer.

To see detail, use the zoom and hand tools. Use the binocular tool to search and find, for example, town names or a partial listing of streets. Use the arrows to scroll from one view to another -- backwards and forwards.

To view, you'll need the Adobe 4.0 Reader or higher.


The Zip file contains the geographic boundaries for the draft plan in ArcView shape file format. The files can be displayed using Maptitude and other geographic information system (GIS) software packages.

A free GIS shape file viewer and geographic boundary files in shape file format, for use with the 2000 census, can be downloaded from:



For additional maps or real-time interactive mapping using Microsoft NetMeeting contact:

Bill Cooper